Picture Framer’s SpeckGRABBER XL Kit™


A Dust Control Tool That Saves Time

The SpeckGRABBER XL (SGXL) is a unique tool that has been designed to remove individual dust particles from the inside of glass or plexi without opening the entire frame. A soft, sticky pad on the end of the SGXL provides a high adhesion surface that dust particles stick to, and leaves no residue on the contacted surface. This saves time and money.

To use, open a small section of the frame, insert the SGXL, reach in and capture dust particles from the inside of the glass or plexi.

Each time you use the SGXL, clean the tip with Kinetronics Precision Cleaning Solution and dry it with the Panther Cloth. This will prevent any accidental smudging. Remember not to touch the tip of the SGXL with your fingers. Keep SGXLs in the storage tube when not in use.

The SGXL comes with 2 long SpeckGRABBERS        The XLK comes with the items below.

The SpeckGRABBER XL Kit contains: Three SpeckGRABBER XLs, an Anti-Static Panther Cloth and a one-ounce bottle of Precision Cleaning Solution. These products are packaged in a zip top storage bag.

Order on-line from Kinetronics Corporation or from your favorite Distributor of Picture Framing Supplies